The Path to Joy


The photo of the path above reminds me of the many paths we would go down growing up. We were so blessed to have lived out in the country with lots of areas to roam around in. Along the path we would often need to clear away branches or most often brambles or blackberry vines. That’s what I loved about those days of wandering through the forest. There was always something new to see, to discover and along the way you would gently clear away anything in your way. I know that this is a key to our lives as we go along the path to joy. The path is not laid out in front of you perfectly, there are obstacles to clear away, but just as in this photo, there are always bits of light, bits of joy peaking through.

This is the reason why I am creating materials for a program that I call The Path to Joy. I will run this program through Patreon with materials, workbooks, videos and more on a regular basis that you can subscribe to. If you would like to hear more, you can sign up to get updates on what is available to help you navigate your path to joy here:

I am so excited to work on creating this program. Many of the materials will be out by mid-late January, 2019. I look forward to personally helping you clear your path to joy in many ways!

With lots of love,


10 Triumphs of 2018!


This fabulous year of 2018 is coming to an end and there are so many things to look forward to next year. However, I want to take a moment to reflect on the top 10 triumphs and wonderful things that happened in my life 2018. Through this my hope is that you will share your triumphs with all of us as well. Many times at the end of the year we can get caught up in thoughts about what didn’t go well and how we are so ready for the next year to come. It is great to have things to look forward to, but at the same time, let’s take a moment to bask in the things that did bring us so much joy in 2018.

  1. Going to the 3 Michelin Star Restaurant: Alinea in Chicago in June of 2018:

    This is definitely my #1 highlight of the year. I was seriously in awe of this experience and at many points during the meal I looked around and it seemed as if it was a dream. Many months before coming to Alinea with my husband, sister in law and one of our friends from Chicago I saw an episode of Chef’s Table that featured Alinea. It seemed like one of the most magical restaurants I had ever seen! Everything was thrilling, surprising, delicious and quite a theater show. Shortly after our first course we even got to go into the kitchen. I remember the moment where I looked around and I actually saw the chef that was featured on the show I watched. For a few moments I could not hear anything that anyone was saying because I was so entranced by that moment. That is a night I will never forget. I am so very grateful for my husband for making this dream come true by stalking the website until we could make a reservation! Now we talk about other 3 star restaurants we want to try!

  2. Riding on the Millennium Wheel in Chicago in June of 2018:

    Because I am pretty afraid of heights I had never ridden a Ferris wheel before this year. When our son Adam saw it he was so excited! He loves heights and loves rides too. He really wanted both my husband and I to ride it with him. Even right before getting in line I was so nervous. I considered not going on it. But, I didn’t want to disappoint him. I am so glad that I let myself have this experience. It was amazing to see the beautiful views of Chicago from the ride and my son was so delighted at the same time. Since then I had a vivid dream about going on the London Eye in 2020, so another experience yet to come for me!

  3. Working in a Coffee Shop for 4 months, 6 days a week:

Although in the end it was a mixed experience, I am glad that I gave myself the chance to work in a cafe/restaurant setting for a long period of time so that I could experience it for myself. I worked crazy long hours producing all of the pastries, quiche and Saturday brunch items for the coffee shop. It gave me the experience of doing something very new and very different for the first time. It opened up my eyes to the responsibilities of owning a place. I was not the owner, but I was there so much that I could really see what it took to run a place like that. I could see the positives of it and also the drawbacks. It was a great learning experience for me and I am very grateful for that.

4. Ending a nearly 2 year meal service business with the platform Josephine:

From January till the end of March I finished nearly 2 years of providing a gluten free meal service to lots of clients. It was a great experience to have seen a platform work through lots of issues but do it with amazing grace and care for everyone involved. I met many wonderful people both locally and from other areas and I grew as a chef and as a person. I really did love the 2 nights a week when clients came for meals at my home. It was a lovely experience to serve them.

5. Going Through Two Major De-clutterings of our Home:

I had a very interesting experience this year with our home. At one point either this year or last I felt like I really wanted to move to a different kind of home with more land and other features. However, I decided in all of that to embark on a de-cluttering mission. I went through each and every area of our home, gave away many items and was able to get so much in order. Then, I did the same thing again after the closing of the coffee shop. Now, as December is here and there is so much in “flux” as far as stuff goes I feel another wave of de-cluttering beginning. I believe that clearing the path for success begins by removing any physical items that do not serve you in your life anymore. It is a symbol of becoming more of who you really are. I believe it is a flowing process. I have learned that it must be done not once, but many times in a year because when you have a full, rich life with family- stuff accumulates. :)

6. Spending Every Wednesday Afternoon with my son for Special Snack Day:

There is a very special tradition that I have with my son that we have kept for at least 2-3 years and that is Wednesday: Special Snack Day. On that day after school we go to a different restaurant, or sometimes to one of our favorites, get some food and drinks and have a fun chat together. It’s our special time together and I really treasure it so much. Usually, we will do a “story” which means that we will dialogue out loud like we are different characters in a story. It is such fun and I just love my son’s imagination!

7. Finding a Wonderful Accountability Partner:

I knew my fantastic accountability partner from the U.K. last year, as we were in different Facebook groups for business together, but this was the year that we decided to have weekly Skype calls every Friday to check in on our progress on projects as well as short daily check ins on Whatsapp. It has been amazing the progress we have both made in different areas. I am so thankful for her! Let me introduce you to her- She is Harriet Morris and she has an amazing podcast called The Eating Coach. You can learn more about her podcast here:

8. Enjoying Food Adventures with my Husband and Son:

I just love that my husband and son are always up for a good food adventure! When a big lot of food carts opened up in our area in the first week or so we went several times to try out all of the food. It is so much fun! There is still more to explore and to see in the world of food in our town and neighboring towns and cities. We always look forward to trying more!

9. Enjoying Time with Family and Friends:

I am so very grateful that I make it a priority to spend time with friends and family. I am so happy to mark on my calendar dates for coffee, breakfast, afternoon tea, lunch and more! I feel that social connection time is extremely valuable to me and I really treasure every moment of it. I look forward to all of those beautiful social connections over meals, coffee and tea to continue next year and in the many, many years to come. Here’s to friendships!

10. Finding a Great Baking Job at Our Table Cooperative Farm:

I feel so very lucky that one of my dear friends found a great job ad for a baker at a farm! It is a dream job for sure! I just love that I get to work in a kitchen with other chefs and sous chefs/kitchen helpers. It is great to collaborate on projects, catering and more! It is also so beautiful to see the farm thriving, growing and also supporting people in a very meaningful way.

I would love to hear about your amazing moments of 2018! Please comment below or email me at:

Actions of Spirit


Whenever you take action, have the attitude that you are not performing the action. Have the attitude that your actions are really the actions of non-local intelligence, the organizing universal spirit. You will begin to notice a great diminution of anxiety. You will also be less attached to the result.

“The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire”- Deepak Chopra

This quote reminds me of what I said about taking inspired action after meditation or taking note of things that pop into your head that you should do. I believe that these are the actions of spirit and these actions will bring us farther down the path that we truly want to go down in life. What Deepak means by the universal spirit is one of a collective consciousness. We all have an individual mind in our individual physical body, but we also have access to a collective mind that we all share. That is where inspirations truly come from if we get quiet enough to let them in.

Often throughout the day I will have ideas for baking, ideas for writing, ideas for projects or ideas for things I would like to do for others. I take these into account and often act on as many of these as I can. These are the positive messages from the universe nudging me in the right direction if I choose to allow it. I know that all of these actions have resulted in joy and that is why I continue to pay attention to them. I may not see real physical results from them or really know exactly why I have been lead down this path, but I trust that the path will illuminate itself one idea at a time, one inspiration at a time, one project at a time. When the feeling for action comes upon us, that is a very good sign.

If there are days where you don’t feel like doing things, that is ok. It means it is time to rest, read, tune into yourself. You will get inspired ideas very soon. I have gone through periods like this, like after the closure of the coffee shop and after the closure of the meal service I needed to take a break, feel the feelings of grief and sadness, of letting go and then be able to get my spirit back up to action. The inspiration and the good energy must be there for you.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this or about any inspirations that you have gotten recently. Thank you so much for reading!

With lots of love,


Invisible Pathways


A field of grace seems to form around us when we commit ourselves to something that satisfies our souls. Invisible pathways open up through the universe. We meet people who are on a similar path, and we are given forms of assistance that seems like magic.

“How to Create a Life of Your Own Design: Conscious Living” by Gay Hendricks

I just started reading this book on conscious living yesterday and this quote really leaped off the page at me. I have recently felt this to be true for me as well. As I commit to doing the activities that make my heart happy I am surrounded by others who have helped me, encouraged me and given me advice along the way. When others see that you are truly following your path to bliss a light shines on the path for you.

when you commit to your craft in a big way, spend time on it, put your heart and soul into it, opportunities will open up for you. It may not be instantaneous, but I have experienced it on a daily basis. Recently I had some very vivid dreams that I like to call “future memories.” I saw myself receiving a gold medal for some kind of food competition. I do not know what that means, but I choose to believe that the universe has lots in store for me. Because of that I am going to continue to create beautiful food art and follow my heart in the direction that it wants to go. I know that in this place I will find so many wonderful pathways that open up for me in ways that I never imagined they would.

Lately I have been practicing the art of “peaceful commitment” to projects. By this I mean that I do projects when I get inspiration to do them based on a meditation or a thought that pops into my head. I am working on becoming not so attached to the immediate outcome of those activities. Sometimes it seems like we take a flurry of inspired action and then there is a bit of a lull. However, I believe that is just the space in between where we can rest for a while and let the universe take over. I no longer stress so much about what’s going to turn out and what isn’t. I know that the more inspiration that is behind something that I do and that if I have fun doing it, the better it will be.

I would love to know your experiences with invisible pathways and inspiration. Let me know in a comment below or email me at:

With lots of love,