Invisible Pathways


A field of grace seems to form around us when we commit ourselves to something that satisfies our souls. Invisible pathways open up through the universe. We meet people who are on a similar path, and we are given forms of assistance that seems like magic.

“How to Create a Life of Your Own Design: Conscious Living” by Gay Hendricks

I just started reading this book on conscious living yesterday and this quote really leaped off the page at me. I have recently felt this to be true for me as well. As I commit to doing the activities that make my heart happy I am surrounded by others who have helped me, encouraged me and given me advice along the way. When others see that you are truly following your path to bliss a light shines on the path for you.

when you commit to your craft in a big way, spend time on it, put your heart and soul into it, opportunities will open up for you. It may not be instantaneous, but I have experienced it on a daily basis. Recently I had some very vivid dreams that I like to call “future memories.” I saw myself receiving a gold medal for some kind of food competition. I do not know what that means, but I choose to believe that the universe has lots in store for me. Because of that I am going to continue to create beautiful food art and follow my heart in the direction that it wants to go. I know that in this place I will find so many wonderful pathways that open up for me in ways that I never imagined they would.

Lately I have been practicing the art of “peaceful commitment” to projects. By this I mean that I do projects when I get inspiration to do them based on a meditation or a thought that pops into my head. I am working on becoming not so attached to the immediate outcome of those activities. Sometimes it seems like we take a flurry of inspired action and then there is a bit of a lull. However, I believe that is just the space in between where we can rest for a while and let the universe take over. I no longer stress so much about what’s going to turn out and what isn’t. I know that the more inspiration that is behind something that I do and that if I have fun doing it, the better it will be.

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If there were ever to be a philosophy, religion or science that could truly unify the human race and bring lasting peace, justice and equality to individuals, families, communities and nations, it would have to be based on the one experience that all beings share in equal measure and to which all beings have equal and unlimited access at all times: the knowing of our own infinite being, which shines in each of our minds as the knowledge ‘I am’. The fact that all people to refer to themselves by the same- ‘I’- is a hint in the common parlance of the understanding that we all share the same being.

Rupert Spira in his book “The Nature of Consciousness: Essays on the Unity of Mind and Matter

This quote really struck me as I read this book on consciousness the other day. In life we are taught in many ways about separateness- our town, our neighborhood, our nation, our continent, but really we are all part of an infinite intelligence that is growing constantly. It is amazing how much the universe is expanding. When I see the photo above of the milky way I marvel of the vastness of space. If we apply this infinite and vast sense to ourselves we realize that we are all part of something very grand.

We all call ourselves “I” in different languages but it means the same thing. So, we are all connected in some way. If we could concentrate on this, remember this, live this, we could all find more peace in our days. There really is no “other” in life. Little ripples of our actions, thoughts and intentions really do matter.

They matter in a very positive way I believe. The more we concentrate on the present moment, on our unity as one being in the universe and on creating a future as individuals and as a collective, the more we will see wonderful things happening. What you put out into the world and the universe matters more than any of us will ever be able to comprehend and that is a beautiful thing.

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The Shift


Seeing the world as open and full of possibility is the fundamental shift of mind that opens the door to connecting to the Source. Each of us has a capacity for awe, wonder and reverence. The human species has an inbuilt passion to serve life, to learn, to know, and to experience the thrill of discovery. At the heart of the path Polanyi describes there is the ‘passionate pursuit of hidden meaning’- the act of creating something of significance that has never existed before. Each of us can choose to let go of the obstacles that impede our development and to release the possibilities that lie latent within each of us.

—Joseph Jaworski from his book “Source: The Inner Path of Knowledge Creation.”

As I was reading the book “Source” the other day I found the quote above and just loved it. I have experienced this shift of the mind recently and I sincerely wish for everyone to experience it. It is the feeling in your heart that you can create beauty in the world in many different ways and that there is no reason to hold back your creativity. It is the powerful feeling that you get when you feel the impulse to create something; maybe it is an article, blog post, book, painting, science experiment, speech- it can be anything that you feel a deep desire to bring into the world. All of us have the power to create something amazing.

I have recently felt drawn to create meringue sculptures and I am especially thrilled with the above picture of one that I just created that is sugar free. I collaborated with an amazing friend of mine who was able to confirm that the sweetener I used was a great natural substitute for sugar and not only does it look beautiful, it tastes amazing and everyone can enjoy it. This gives me such joy in my heart and I am so grateful for my friend’s help as well.

Lately I have felt so many impulses to create certain food art pieces and they just pop into my head at different times of the day. At that time I work on holding on to the image in my mind and I build upon it until I am able to work on it in the kitchen.

Have you ever felt a deep desire to create something? It is so amazingly thrilling! You are bringing your creation out of your mind and into the physical world and it really is such a beautiful experience. I have learned that you may not have immediate results from creating things, but with each creation you are lead down the path towards more and more creations that will cause conversations, meetings with people, other thoughts about more creations and so much more. Do not doubt images that come into your mind that you know you need to work on. Give yourself the chance to create them. Even just the pure joy in beholding your creation is a reward in itself!

What have you been creating lately? What ideas have popped into your head at random times? I would love to hear from you!

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Feeding Your Spirit

smoothie web.jpg

The field of the finite is all that we can see, hear, touch , remember and describe. This field is basically that which is manifest, or tangible. The essential quality of the infinite, by contrast, is its subtlety, its intangibility. This quality is conveyed in the word “spirit”, whose root meaning is “wind or breath.” This suggests an invisible but pervasive energy to which the manifest world of the finite responds. This energy, or spirit, infuses all living beings, and without it any organism must fall apart into its constituent elements. That which is truly alive in the living being is this energy of spirit, and this is never born and never dies.”

-David Bohm- This quote was quoted in the book “Source: The Inner Path of Knowledge of Creation.” by Joseph Jaworski

I believe that we all have an inner energy or spirit with us at all times and that loving this spirit within us can unlock all of our true potential and create harmony within ourselves and with others. A lot of times when we think of our health, we only think of the care of our physical body. I believe that we need to feed our spirit as well as our body with health and positivity. I do believe that our spirit lives on in many different ways and if we are able to get in touch with it and care for it, it will grow to a loving light to extend to others and impact so many lives.

Meditation Practice:

Because spirit’s root meaning is “wind or breath” it is important to feed our spirits with daily breath, or meditation. I am just now starting to really learn about meditation and to begin a practice. In the last month or so, most weekdays I have started to meditate silently for 15 minutes in the early morning before getting ready for the day. I have really liked this practice because the silence helps to train your brain as well as your spirit to pause and be in the moment throughout the day.

Recently I have read the most amazing book called “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself.” by Dr. Joe Dispenza. In this book he teaches you about his meditation process to let go to memorized feelings that your mind and body react to on a daily basis. This morning was the first morning of doing the meditations and it was amazing! I can tell that as I go along I will be gaining momentum and feeding my spirit positive energy each morning. I will be sharing with all of you more about this process in the coming weeks.


I believe also that the body and mind are strongly connected, so for that reason, on days that I make an effort to get more exercise, I can feel that my spirits are also lifted. In this way in the mornings I am feeding my spirit by quieting my mind, paying attention to my breath and also giving my body physical energy by exercising as well. I can tell that I have so much more mental as well as physical energy on days that I exercise than on days when I don’t. It is an important reminder to my brain that exercise equals energy. It seems counter-intuitive sometimes because there are so, so many things to do in our days and we often feel that we don’t have time for these morning practices. However, I am working on training myself to remember that these 2 things are really essential to our well being of both mind, body and spirit. Each of these must be nourished in order to unlock our best lives and to impact others along the way.

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