Feeding Your Spirit

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The field of the finite is all that we can see, hear, touch , remember and describe. This field is basically that which is manifest, or tangible. The essential quality of the infinite, by contrast, is its subtlety, its intangibility. This quality is conveyed in the word “spirit”, whose root meaning is “wind or breath.” This suggests an invisible but pervasive energy to which the manifest world of the finite responds. This energy, or spirit, infuses all living beings, and without it any organism must fall apart into its constituent elements. That which is truly alive in the living being is this energy of spirit, and this is never born and never dies.”

-David Bohm- This quote was quoted in the book “Source: The Inner Path of Knowledge of Creation.” by Joseph Jaworski

I believe that we all have an inner energy or spirit with us at all times and that loving this spirit within us can unlock all of our true potential and create harmony within ourselves and with others. A lot of times when we think of our health, we only think of the care of our physical body. I believe that we need to feed our spirit as well as our body with health and positivity. I do believe that our spirit lives on in many different ways and if we are able to get in touch with it and care for it, it will grow to a loving light to extend to others and impact so many lives.

Meditation Practice:

Because spirit’s root meaning is “wind or breath” it is important to feed our spirits with daily breath, or meditation. I am just now starting to really learn about meditation and to begin a practice. In the last month or so, most weekdays I have started to meditate silently for 15 minutes in the early morning before getting ready for the day. I have really liked this practice because the silence helps to train your brain as well as your spirit to pause and be in the moment throughout the day.

Recently I have read the most amazing book called “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself.” by Dr. Joe Dispenza. In this book he teaches you about his meditation process to let go to memorized feelings that your mind and body react to on a daily basis. This morning was the first morning of doing the meditations and it was amazing! I can tell that as I go along I will be gaining momentum and feeding my spirit positive energy each morning. I will be sharing with all of you more about this process in the coming weeks.


I believe also that the body and mind are strongly connected, so for that reason, on days that I make an effort to get more exercise, I can feel that my spirits are also lifted. In this way in the mornings I am feeding my spirit by quieting my mind, paying attention to my breath and also giving my body physical energy by exercising as well. I can tell that I have so much more mental as well as physical energy on days that I exercise than on days when I don’t. It is an important reminder to my brain that exercise equals energy. It seems counter-intuitive sometimes because there are so, so many things to do in our days and we often feel that we don’t have time for these morning practices. However, I am working on training myself to remember that these 2 things are really essential to our well being of both mind, body and spirit. Each of these must be nourished in order to unlock our best lives and to impact others along the way.

In what ways do you feed your mind, body and spirit on a daily basis? I would love to know! Please comment below or send me an email at info@thecheerychef.com.

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It is our tendency in daily life to become goal oriented. We know where we want to go, and we are very focused on getting there. At times, this may be useful, but often we forget to enjoy ourselves along the way. Thich Nhat Hanh “Making Space: Creating a Home Meditation Practice.”

While reading this book on creating a space and time in your home for meditation, I ran across this quote which really sums up what I go through on a daily basis. I have always been a very goal oriented, go-getter, list-maker type of person. There are many wonderful benefits to that, however, I feel that there is a great wisdom to enjoying the journey along the way to our goals.

Daily Life & Our Destination:

Part of feeling like we can stop to enjoy ourselves is organizing ourselves in our days and weeks so that we can build in time off, take time to rest, take time with family and friends. Here is an example of a recent overwhelm I was feeling because of so many events coming up and how I organized myself around it.

Recently because the holiday season is upon me and I am participating in a gluten free fest with a booth for a whole weekend, hosting a holiday bake sale, working at the farm and helping them with holiday specials, doing client work and more I became a bit overwhelmed by all that I needed to accomplish in the coming weeks. What did I do about this overwhelm? First, I listed every task that I needed to complete in the coming weeks including phone calls, emails, things to order, things to bake, things to freeze and dates to put on the calendar. Then, I did 4-5 items that took 5 minutes or less to accomplish and just got those done including ordering some things that I needed for the gluten free fest.

Next, I wrote down schedules for the weeks to come, wrote down the dates on the calendars, communicated with people through email and social media and created my holiday bake sale event including my offerings list. This left me feeling much more on top of and in control of the events to come up.

Enjoying Ourselves Along the Path:

I truly believe that once we are able to come up with a plan to deal with our overwhelm, then our brains are able to make room for enjoyment along our path. It is important to remind ourselves on a daily basis that the reason that we do all of these activities is the joy and satisfaction that they bring us along the way. Often, planning something is part of the fun. Imagining how your event will turn out, or what your book will be like when you finish writing it. Those are moments to savor and celebrate along the way.

Another way I love to enjoy myself along the path is to have events on my calendar like lunch or tea with friends, set up birthday celebrations and go to events around town. If there are events to look forward to, you are stepping down the path with glee.

You can also enjoy yourself daily along the path, not just looking forward to events on the weekend, but take breaks during the day to read a great book, have a cup of tea, take a walk outside, or simply close your eyes and imagine you are on a tropical island. There is so much joy to be had at every moment if we can stop to let ourselves enjoy it.

I would love to hear how you cure your overwhelm, and ways that you enjoy yourself along your path in life. Comment below or write to me at: info@thecheerychef.com

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Your Reality


It is the consciousness of intent and the energy of unconditional love. It is impossible for it to judge, punish, threaten, or banish anyone or anything because it would be doing those very things to itself. - Dr. Joe Dispenza from his book “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself.”

This morning I was reading from the new book I just got a few days ago, and the quote above from the book really got stuck in my head. This is such a beautiful image of the universe, your reality or infinite intelligence. This is so very powerful because if we can realize that this love is here for us and we can create it for ourselves and spread that light to others, there isn’t anything we can’t accomplish.

From this amazing quote I have many takeaway thoughts that I want to share with you here:

Intent and Energy of Unconditional Love:

First I’d love to talk about intent. Every morning when we wake up, we are still a little it in our unconscious mind, and this can be a great time to set intentions (the way we want to feel, the energy we want and the things we want to accomplish) for the day. We can do this through meditation, listening to audios, peaceful music, reading inspirational books, journaling our intentions and more. We can create a relationship with our reality/universe by working our in our best intentions for our day during this time. There are infinite possibilities here if we take the time for ourselves to set up our day for success. I have started a meditation practice and work at getting in 10-15 minutes a day of meditation in each morning. I find that I am better able to set up my day right if I take this time.

Next, let’s talk about energy. Your physical and emotional level of energy is another important key to having the day you intended from the start. There can be factors out of our direct control related to energy, but we can do our best to set out with the best energy possible for the day. If we are feeling emotionally or physically depleted at the beginning of the day, it is important to honor those energy levels, but at the same time set intentions for the best energy possible to accomplish our most important actions for the day. For example, there are days where you may not be well rested or there is a physical ache/pain that has depleted your energy a bit. In our intentional meditation space and also in planning our day on paper, we can set the intention to only choose our most important tasks for the day and rest in between. I find that this is a great way to still have our best energy for the day.

The most powerful words are unconditional love. I believe it is most important to start with yourself here. Often we judge, punish, threaten or banish ourselves much more than we do those things to others. We judge and punish ourselves and much more very often. We say things to ourselves like “Who am I to be doing this activity? I’m not good enough for this.” and much more. It is a daily practice to find love for ourselves without conditions but it is something that we can practice. We can practice being kind to ourselves by giving ourselves breaks during the day, taking days off, taking walks, meeting with friends and more. We can develop this relationship with ourselves by treating ourselves with kindness as well as having a good relationship with our own reality or energy field in the universe.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about this- how do you set intentions for your day? How do you set up to have your best energy? How do you treat yourself kindly?

You can leave a comment below or email me at: info@thecheerychef.com

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“Every time I give something away, what comes back to me is freedom.” Byron Katie with Stephen Mitchell from her book “ A Mind At Home with Itself.”

As I was reading this Byron Katie book this morning the quote above really caught my attention. It rings true in so many aspects of life it is astonishing when you delve into it. In the book Katie talked about giving things away and not being attached to them. At one point she even gave her house away! Reading about this and the conclusions that she has come to in her own life was really eye-opening for me this morning. I began to think about that quote very deeply and the examples I could find in my own life where it is so true. Can you find examples in your life where it is true too?

Giving away physical clutter:

I know that the physical clearing of objects from your environment at home and at work can be very powerful. I have experienced that with every shift and change in my life my step #1 is to clear away the clutter. Not only does it clear away extra things, help others in need and clean up the house and work-spaces, it also clears away mental clutter. Even if I put away extra things that I do not need and they are out of sight, I have found that my mind will wander to those extra things and that mess every time I want to start on a meaningful project. When I clear away those things and really take responsibility for my space I find that I gain freedom not only in physical space but in mental space too. Clearing away extra things = freedom of space and freedom of mind.

Giving away thoughts:

The concept of giving away thoughts and clearing them from your mind when they do not serve you just popped into my head this morning as I was pondering this quote. Many times I have had thoughts about things I need to do, people in my life and so much more that are not helpful. It seems that the mind often goes to the negative place first. For example, some mornings a dreaded boring task will be on my to-do list like “spreadsheets/accounting.” If I hold on to the thought “This is work that I don’t like doing.” I will procrastinate and it will get worse. If I decide to throw away that thought and find something better I can get on with my work and my day. Our work is to clear away and give away those thoughts to the universe so that we have the freedom to do our life’s work and to be at harmony and peace with others. If we wrestle with the worries and the what ifs all day, we will not be doing our best work. I have found myself catching thoughts mid-way a lot of times and working on turning them around to more positive and productive ones. I give away the old ones, or better yet- put them in the trash! That gives me the freedom to be creative, to live in harmony with others and to be my best self so that I can give the best of myself. That is true freedom!

Giving away perceptions of others:

There are perceptions that we often have of others that we need to give away or throw away as well to gain the freedom of harmony with people. For example, we sometimes think we are very separate from others, we think “They are so different from me, they don’t think like me and we won’t be able to agree on anything.” However, if you get to the root of it, we can find things in common that we enjoy. I know someone who has a very dear friend who thinks very differently about politics than they do. But, they have found so many activities that they enjoy together that they have given away those perceptions to find the freedom of enjoying each others company. Often we will look at the surface of a person’s behavior, or something that they did in the past and hold onto it tightly. There is no freedom in holding on to those perceptions. They cause us to bump up against those people in our lives and we cause ourselves mental stress and burden ourselves with negative emotions about them that are not serving us and also can damage relationships. Many times if we get quiet and really observe someone we will find out that they are at peace as they are, and we don’t need to hang on to those perceptions of them. We can give away or throw away those old perceptions and find happy relationships with everyone around us. That gives us the freedom to be at peace with others.

How can you find freedom in giving away things, thoughts or perceptions that do not serve you? I’d love to hear from you! Comment below on the blog, or email me at: info@thecheerychef.com

With lots of love,