Learning about Balance and Rest


I absolutely LOVE to be doing and creating all of the time. That is how I have always been. Even as a little girl I remember having plans every single day. Before I went to preschool and during the summers and after school I'd always have my "agenda." At first those were play and pretend agendas but later on they turned into creative projects and other things to do. In high school must summers I'd spend learning how to bake everything in a cookbook or canning, drying and making jam. I really have a hard time sitting still. I always like to have "something to show" for my day's work. 

Although I think that this is a fantastic trait of mine, I have learned lately that I need to rest sometimes. I need to take breaks, sit down, eat meals slowly, stare out the window and enjoy the view. There was a moment last week where I was so tired that I was laughing at everything, even cracking an egg into a bowl. I laughed so hard that I cried! That is what happens when I am tired. It was super funny, but at the same time it reminded me that even though I love my work there is nothing wrong with slowing down the pace a bit. :)  Like enjoying a yummy protein cookie on a sunny day on my porch- yum! (pictured above) 

So now I make sure to have a big breakfast that I cook each morning and take time to sit down to eat, to enjoy each sip of my morning tea (at about 4:15-4:30am) and take time to look at my pretty flowers on the porch on the way to the car. In the afternoons I relish the time to make a healthy snack for myself and my son, to sit down and hear about the day's events and later on to read a magazine or book while sitting down comfortably. It's very funny that resting doesn't come naturally to me- (I think I take after my dad who can still wake up at or before 5am without an alarm and get his day started on woodworking)- I think it is important and essential to build into my life. 

My whole day off each week is Sundays and although right now I spend part of it doing some weekly cleaning chores I am going to find a way to break down those tasks to a little bit each day of the week so that my day off can really be dedicated to thoroughly enjoying my family, a food adventure (we love to go and try new restaurants, doughnut shops or food carts on Sundays) and resting. 

I feel so very fortunate that I get to do what I absolutely love- creating yummy dishes and baked goods for all to enjoy. I am truly blessed. I will not take that blessing lightly and I will treat it gently and kindly by building rest into my days and relish those times. 

When is a time that you learned you needed more rest? I'd love to hear from you! :) 

With lots of care

Falling in Love with the Details of Life


What adventures and wondrous things life brings us at every turn and bend in our journey. It has been some time since I have had the time to sit down and write a blog post. It is because 6 days a week I am working on my life's work in and out of the kitchen. These are moments that have been a long time in the making and it feels like I am on the podium in the olympics of my life as a chef. 

Although my days are very busy, at the same time I am taking time to notice the little things. Since I work a very full day at the coffee shop now, I find that I really savor time with my dear sweet family and friends all the more. I even am taking time to really be in the moment while doing chores such as watering the flowers, noticing their colors and delicate petals. I take extra pride in doing a few chores at home after work at the shop because I have fallen in love with my home again as well. I realize how very fortunate we are to have such a lovely home and garden I relish in taking good care of it for all of us. 

My dear husband and son are so very sweet and supportive, coming by on Saturdays to the shop to visit. Lots of friends and family have come by for brunch or pastries too! I feel so very honored by their presence. I want to look at each moment in life and hold it next to my heart because that is what life is about. Not the next step, not 5 years from now, but NOW. 

I know that I have always worked very hard and I love working, but I feel that now that I have a set schedule I realize how important each moment is to be thankful for what we have and what is right there in front of us. I have everything I need. I am blessed by the love of family, friends, food and beauty all around me. 

In this moment I feel that the universe has given me all that I have ever dreamt about. Exact things are coming true off of my vision boards- the coffee shop, the community, the love and support- it is all coming together! Everything that I have written down in detail is beginning to unfold like a delicate flower opening in the springtime. 

This is a moment of enormous beauty and I don't want to miss a single second, relishing in each step. There are many wonderful things happening that I will go into more detail about very soon, but as a coffeeshop and community we are coming together as one to create something amazing! We already have everything we need! 

I'd love to hear about times where you knew everything was coming together for you, or times when you have wanted to savor every moment. 

With lots of care and love,


Appreciating Time


Now that I have been baking and cooking at Murray's Coffee Bar 6 days a week for more than a month now I have so many lessons learned about time and energy in any given day. Now my daily schedule is much different than it was a bit more than a month ago. 6 days a week I wake up at 4am, get ready for the day and I arrive at the coffee shop around 5:45am to start work for the day. I leave most days between 1:30 and 2:20 so that I can be back at the bus stop to pick up my son from school. Now I find myself treasuring and appreciating time at home more than ever. 

The first week at the shop I think that I overextended myself, trying to do too many projects at home after I came home from work. I ended up a bit burned out that week, so now when I come home I allow myself some time to have a snack, a cup of tea and relax before seeing what's on my "at home" to do list. I allow myself quite a bit of time for the "scatterbrain" to wear off before I am able to tackle dinner or other after work tasks. Some days I'm able to do a few more things than others, but I have learned to let things go as I know I can do them tomorrow if they are not urgent. 

I am extremely grateful that I decluttered my home so much right before starting up at the coffee shop. It has helped me clean and maintain my home in much less time every day as there isn't as much stuff to deal with and I know where everything goes. Everything has a home and a resting place. I love that! 

For quite some time, my son and I have had a "special snack" on Wednesdays. We go out to a restaurant to eat, chat and "do stories" as he likes to say. He loves to come up with stories where we both have roles and we imagine we are in a different world. This is such a fantastic and precious day to us both. I treasure each Wednesday that we set aside to connect and be in an imaginary world. 

I have noticed the joys of my garden again this spring and have started to create a manageable plan for having a few flowers out front that are easy to water and just a few things in the back yard to take care of as well. I absolutely love gardening, but I can get carried away, then not have the time or energy to take care of it. Also, I am delegating summer garden watering to my son now. :) 

I am learning about working to keep in touch with others, make plans and be mindful of the things that matter most. My friends and family are very important to me, so even though I am working a lot of hours I have learned how blessed I am and to not take those times with them for granted either. 

Each early morning as I leave for the coffee shop I am able to look at my pretty little flower garden of a few pots that I planted on the deck and in our front yard planter and smile, knowing that I took some time to do that and it brought me and others joy. 

I may not do as many projects now, but I am able to choose them with joy and know in my heart that they are right for me in this moment. I am doing my life's work with food at the coffee shop and I am learning to balance that with being blessed with such a lovely home and family. I truly could not ask for more! 

I'd love to hear your blessings of time! 

The Dojo


Is there are time that you are doing an activity and the time seems to move so quickly because you are really "in the zone?" You aren't thinking about other things or planning for tomorrow or next year or worrying about anything? That is called being "in flow." It is such a wonderful state and now that I am doing my cooking and baking at Murray's Coffee Bar I find that my little kitchen space there is like a "dojo" for my work. When I am there I am not distracted by other things I should be doing. I am concentrating on the rolling of the dough, the frosting of the cookies, the sauteing of the asparagus or onions. This is such a beautiful place to be in. I just love it! 

So many moments there I am truly "in the moment." Really observing how the icing swirls on the cookie or how good the quiche smells coming right out of the oven. This is my meditative, contemplative place. I never dreamed it could be like this. I absolutely love my home and consider it such a blessing to have such a nice home to live in, but I am so contented doing my daily, life's work in this coffeeshop kitchen. It can truly be my space to work in and be creative in and a space in which I create food for all to enjoy. 

Although I am "in the zone." so much I also really enjoy working with others, talking about ideas and serving customers slices of quiche or brunch dishes. This gives me great joy as well because I have discovered I feel the most joy when I am with people. I need a little bit of alone time each day as everyone does, but spending the major part of my day around people brings me a lot of positive energy. 

I'd love to hear of where your "dojo" is and what are the times that you are "in the flow" of things while doing work that you really, really enjoy and are passionate about. 

With lots of care,