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The Cheery Chef Story

Trista has always loved baking. She started by baking some "biscuits" in her family's toaster oven and tried to sell them on their porch one summer. They lived in the country so there weren't many customers other than her immediate family. That didn't stop her though. She kept practicing, learning recipes out of many books and spending the summers off of school and holidays baking sweet treats, canning jams and fruits. During the time she was teaching English as a Second Language at Clackamas Community  College during the early 2000's she started "Farmer's Tea" a local baking business with her mom Serena and her sister in law Kim. For 4 years they sold delicious baked goods at the Oregon City Farmer's Market every Saturday from May to October. 

After that, she started a pie baking business on her own called Cheery Pies. She really enjoyed baking pies and found that many customers were looking for gluten free/dairy free options. She developed a great gluten free pie crust recipe which she still uses today. She then decided to dedicate herself to the gluten free community, serving them and everyone the best treats! 

The Cheery Chef officially started in 2015 when Trista Signe Ainsworth decided to start teaching cooking and baking classes. Then, later on she began to cook and bake gluten and dairy free meals for

Shortly after the site shut down she cooked and baked for Murray's Coffee Bar in Beaverton.  Now, in September 2018 she is offering an online bakery for her gluten free baked goods and custom cakes and desserts! This bakery is still under The Cheery Chef name. Customers can place orders/pay online and pick up their delicious treats at Trista's home bakery. 

Follow Trista along her journey as she begins to branch out into the community.

As of 10/2/18 Trista is also baking at Our Table Cooperative Farm in Sherwood, Oregon part time. She will be baking there 2-3 days a week and helping with special events.






Starting officially the week of September 17th, 2018 The Cheery Chef will be launching her new baking business out of her Beaverton home kitchen for local pick ups. 

She will be baking gluten free and many times dairy free treats each week available for order/pick up at her home kitchen. She will also be taking custom orders for celebration cakes, pies and more. 

Very soon she will be announcing some edible centerpieces for the holidays as well as pies and more for Thanksgiving and Christmas parties and gifts. 


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The Cheery Chef

19020 SW Lisa Drive

Beaverton, OR 97006

Trista also bakes at Our Table Cooperative Farm in Sherwood, Oregon 2-3 days a week and for special events.

Our Table Cooperative Farm:

13390 SW Morgan Rd, Sherwood, OR 97140


Please place an order by using an order form or placing an order in my online bakery. Please allow 3-5 days for your order to be ready.